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Women & Horses by Mary D. Midkiff - horseback riding fitness techniques for women

Women & Horses, knowledge for the female equestrian; female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

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The Ball and Band combination works as a riding simulation tool for student and instructors, helping you to convey clear messages to your horse. It's also a great stretching and balancing exercise aid. The Yellow Band is lightweight and is for people just getting started in a conditioning program or recovering from an injury. The Red Band is medium weight, for those already in a training program.

When you receive your ball it will be deflated and include a plug, an adapter and some instructions on how to blow it up. Just in case you're not sure, however, here are the directions on how to inflate and use your ball:

Use the adapter (pointed piece) in the hole of the ball for air pumps with needles. For pumps with larger nozzles you will not need the adapter. Fill the ball up until it is almost as hard as a soccer/basketball. Plug it. If you have trouble getting the plug in I have used vaseline or chapstick to lubricate it and/or whittle the end to a point. Once you have plugged it, sit on it like you would sit in a chair. Feet pointing forward about 12-14 inches a part, so that you have a good base of support. Your hips should be above or level with your knees and feet should be flat on the ground.

If your hips are below your knees the ball is 1) too small or 2) not inflated enough.

On the other hand, if you have a hard time getting your feet on the ground, deflate the ball until you are comfortably grounded.

Now that the ball fits you what do you do with it? If you're ready, CLICK HERE for some of my favorite excercises.

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female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

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