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Women & Horses Clinics

If you are interested in having Mary Midkiff come speak or provide a clinic in your area please contact her at marymidkiff@gmail.com or call 502-552-1195.

She will lecture and evaluate horses on their conformation, weaknesses, muscle contractions, imbalances, movment, injuries, inflammations and conditions.

She will provide hands on therapy using orthobionomy and acupressure, trigger point therapy and massage to balance and integrate the horse's body by working through the mind and nervous system. The mind controls and protects the horse during and after injury and most of the time keeps those protective tendencies in place disallowing movement and range of motion to return. This in effect minimizes joint function.

The breed, type, age, size or use of the horse does not matter and all are welcome to learn and participate with their horses as Mary works with them.

For best results a 3 day clinic is preferable. Students should bring their own chairs and lunch/water. The host needs to provide a covered space where the horse can be held or tied up while we evaluate. We will also need an area to walk the horse and a round pen or arena for gait evaluation.

The cost is $100 per horse per day plus mileage or air travel and accommodations.


Women & Horses Clinic, Sao Paolo, Brazil in April, 2011

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