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Women & Horses, knowledge for the female equestrian; female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

Letters & Emails

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I'd like to share a few of my favorite letters and emails with you. All are printed here with the kind permission of the writers. Please send email and letters - I would love to hear from you!

Hello Mary,

My name is Frieda , I'm 54, I live in Belgium/Europe. I just finised your book "She flies without wings" (Op de adem van de wind, in Flemish!).

'Overwhelming", I start reading yesterday evening and i could not stop... I had to read it all through.... it was 12 o'clock( midnight) when I finished it!

While reading, it was like I was going to some episodes of my own life...I can find myself completly in this book! the way You write about the magical bound between women and horses.. wonderful!! Real ART! the best book I ever did read!

Me, myself, I love horses from when I could hardly walk..I love the power, the kindness, the honesty they share friendship with you, they will never let you down, brave they are, proud, beautiful creatures of God...but most of all... the freedom togheter as one, in the outside!! Nothing in the world, can give a feeling like that! Nothing.

We are living on a farm with lot of space for the horses. Lately, i had some troubles with my back, so therefor, I was forced to stop with horseback riding.

But it was very difficult, it was if i was dying in a, one day, my husband told me to come outside and have a look to something he had done.??..and there "she" was, my first Islandic horse, a 6 year old mare, SVALA what means "swallow"!! My God, happy i was, i have no words for it. and even her name 'swallow" , a swallow flies, is free... to me it was a gift from heaven. As You will know, Islandic horses have 5 troth's, so that makes it easy for as in my case, my back! I have no back pain anymore with her, it's great, a total new experience in my life and in the meanwhile, we have 3 of them, all mares. They are all 3 adorable;;; they are small, if You compare them with other breeds , but, strong !! they will never give up on another horse if it comes to speed or whatever, even the other horse is much bigger and stronger. so now, again, i have the time of my life...

So, now, You can more or less understand what I could find in your beautiful book. thank You for sharing these feelings and so many more...

With love, Frieda

ps: Are there more books from You available?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Greetings! I just read your book 'She Flies Without Wings' for the umpteenth time and have experienced every emotion possible! You have put into words the feelings I cannot describe when I am with my mare, Minnie. She is 28, and has been my soulmate for 15 years. Though I always swear I will never buy another mare, I have questioned my feelings on that after I read your book. Mares truly have an intuitive gift that is like no other.

Anyway, I wish you were more accessible! Your way with words on the connection between women and horses has verified all the feelings I've had about my own horses and what the future might hold for me. I have contemplated what my life will be like when I lose my soulmate and I have strong feelings about 'staying out of horses' when she is gone for fear of not finding another soulmate to match what she and I have experienced together. But because of your book, it's highly likely I will not be able to live without a horse!

Thank you,
Mary Gardinier

April 12, 2005
Hi Mary,

I recently loaned my copy of "She Rides Without Wings" to a co-worker going through some major, and very serious, life's changes. I hadn't even known she was a horsewoman until I saw her at the stable where I keep my horse. We started talking more and more, then she came to the stable last night when I was preparing to work my mare, and she ended up on my horse just walking peacefully around the outdoor arena in the beautiful spring weather. It warmed my heart to see her on my horse, knowing how much she loves to ride. She came back to our home for dinner and a lot of sharing conversation. Your book and website have given us a lot of soul soothing. Thanks for being part of the foundation of a friendship. ~ Willette, Heidelberg, Germany

March 31, 2005
Hi Mary,

Judie Framan and Lucky here. Just wanted to catch you up. After his heroic performance at NM State Fair with a young rider who rode him in six hunter over fences classes (they got three third place ribbons) we spent the winter hunting with Juan Tomas Hounds, the hunt in NM. Lucky loves to hunt and jump, and we had a grand time. We are now preparing for the spring shows, and I will keep you posted. Lucky is working with Kathy O'Neal here in Corrales, and he is really coming into his own. That big mass of resistance muscle at the crest of his neck is diminishing, and he has learned to bend at the poll. I am so pleased, and he is so hqappy as the only Paso Fino hunter in the state of New Mexico. Thanks forever for your support at that critical demonstration. Looking forward to meeting up with you again in a clinic.

Cheers, Judie Framan and Lucky

January 6, 2005
Hi Mary,

My good friend gave me your book "Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian" for Xmas--I had to write and tell you I love it!!

I own a 5 yr. old mare who suffered a broken pelvis at 6 weeks and a hock injury as a 2yr.old. I am a 45 yr. old woman with deteriorating dics, fluid cysts in the hips and other assorted stuff!!

As you can see, between my mare and I we don't make up a whole being!! (Ha!)

She was specially bred for eventing and fox hunting and her owner was broken hearted that she would never be able to be used for the riding she so loved. Anyway, she was given to me in the hopes she would have an easy life of trail riding slow & gentle and I am blessed to have such a sweet horse with a big heart that I can enjoy doing easy riding.

I can't wait to put into practice the principles in your book. They are so forthright and the photos and diagrams really drive home the points! I know that with the help of your book we can both gain strength and confidence. Thank you so much!!

Scotti Kramer (Fairfax Station, Virginia)

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