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Letters & Emails

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I'd like to share a few of my favorite letters and emails with you. All are printed here with the kind permission of the writers. Please send email and letters - I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, February 14, 2004
Dear Mary,

I'm writing to you to congratulate you and express my thank you for your book. I always thought that I was a little different from my family, in that, my passion for horses started when I was about three years old and has continued for the past 27 years. It was only in the last two years though, that I was able to begin riding lessons. Together with my eight year old daughter we are exploring new pastures in our lives. Christina was born with multiple birth defects. Constant doctors and nine surgeries so far had created within her an apathy for any type of socialization. Then she began riding. She has developed a self-esteem and inner peace that I would never have thought possible. I credit the pony she dearly loves with her improvement in life. Your book let me know that it's okay that I'm "horse crazy", and I feel confident in pursuing my dream to become a horsewoman despite the fact that I'm a wife and mother. You expressed your thoughts and feelings beautifully. I hope that someday Christina and I will meet you.

Sincerely Yours, Catherine Sacarellos

Friday, January 23, 2004
Dear Mary,

I just finished your book "She Flies Without Wings". I was so touched by your words! I couldn't wait to read it every night and am sad it is over.

I am 42 yrs old and have wanted a horse for 30 years. My dream is becoming a reality, as I have met a gentleman in Berthoud that has many Paint horses that he loves. He is sharing his knowledge with me and his reining experience. He is helping me in purchasing my first horse.

Thank you for your book and touching my soul! I feel so happy when I am riding and I breathe!!!

Hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting you one day,as I work in Boulder at the hospital. Dr Steve Miller is a friend of mine and we spoke of you, as he is sharing my excitement of horsemanship!

Sincerely, Dianne Mehsling

January 20, 2004

Congratulations on your new book venture. I just want to thank you once again for pointing me and Lucky in the right direction. Ever since we were your demo team in Albuquerque last summer, I can't tell you what a different horse Lucky has become. (It was the horse fair at the Albq. Fair Grounds. Lucky was the Paso Fino who you had to do endless accupressure on to bring him into focus because you said he was a checked out horse.) Here is a brief synopsis. After you showed me how to do accupressure on Lucky's neck and eye sockets, I did it every time I put a halter on him for about two weeks. He was usually hard to catch, and I used a modified join up method to at least get him to stop so I could walk up to him. Well, now he walks up to me when I enter his corral. But the most incredible news is that Lucky has a whole new life. I went to Ireland to write a story about an Irish riding facility called Ballycormac. The story appeared last year in Today's Horse Trader. While in Ireland, I mentioned to the horse master that I had jumped in a previous life and wondered if I could still do it. He said it is like riding a bicycle, you never forget. So, he put me on one of his Irish hunters, and gave me a jumping lesson. I was hooked again. So I came home and had a couple more lessons, enough to give me confidence. One day I was riding Lucky in the woods near my house. There were several logs across the trail because of high winds. So for the heck of it, I pointed Lucky at the logs across the trail, and wonder of wonders he jumped them. So every time I went along that trail, I asked him to jump, and he did, no muss, no fuss, clean and simple. So I got to thinking. I wonder if he could do more, so I took him to the trainer who taught my husband to ride, and has a good reputation for starting horses over fences and asked her to try. Well, Lucky jumped quite nicely on that first outing. Then my husband and I went to Europe to review two more riding facilities, and Lucky went to the trainers. I had no expectations, I just wanted her to work him for two weeks. When I came back, the first phone call was to the trainer. I held my breath. She said that Lucky was jumping 2'6" consistently, and he was very honest. He never stopped on her. Who says Paso Finos can't jump? Fast forward a couple of months. I just had my first jumping lesson on Lucky on Sunday, and thought of you. Mary, I can't tell you how much you changed my life and Lucky's life. You are truly gifted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Cheers, Judie Framan and Lucky

January 14, 2004
Hi Mary,

I always enjoy your newsletter and will certainly look at the S approach with the lovely mare I lease. Glad it sounds like Anna is on the mend as well. One thing that came to mind in your comments about accessing the nervous system is that the homeopathic approach would say you are accessing the Vital Force. Also seen as "that which animates" us or our animals. By accessing via genuine intent and purpose and being with someone in our full capacity - we allow for the trust and movement in their energy. Their symptoms may be being expressed on a physical or a 'nervous' level or on a deep emotional level. What I see with you is your deep intent and caring for your animals and this allows for so much.

Continued good health to you from Pegasus Homeopathy, Bev VanHatten

Monday, September 15, 2003
Hi Mary,

My horse Lobo and I just got back from a 5-day ride in Fort Robinson, Nebraska. Our “new-to-us” About the Horse Black Rhino saddle seemed to work well. I didn’t get sore at all from riding 4-6 hours five days in a row. I know Lobo was sore in the end, but he was doing 99 percent of the work. He had even sweat under the blanket and appeared to be comfortable with the saddle. I had a DVM who specializes in equine chiropractic medicine and acupuncture check Lobo out before we left. I was worried his former ill-fitting saddle may have caused some lasting damage. The vet did adjust his hips and gave him some acupuncture treatments around his hips, but found no problems in the back, withers or shoulders area.

I really love the way it looks and I know it fits me well. I’ve solicited the opinion of two trainers, a vet and several friends who believe the saddle fits Lobo.

It is heavier than what I was expecting—about 40 pounds. I am able to lift it gently on to Lobo, but it’s certainly a lot heavier than my previous synthetic saddle. I guess a positive by-product of the new saddle is that my arms are getting stronger from lifting it.

Though it is used and well-broken in, it’s obvious that it is well-made and still has many years left.

I am really pleased to have such a nice saddle that fits me and my horse at a price I could afford. Thank you for helping me find it. I really appreciate it.

Sincerely, Heather Starr

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