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Women & Horses by Mary D. Midkiff - horseback riding fitness techniques for women

Women & Horses, knowledge for the female equestrian; female equestrian fitness training and riding tips


  • Know your body mechanics and how your body works.

  • Use stretching and strengthening exercises specific to riders at least 3-4 times per week.

  • Incorporate a cross-training fitness program - walking or swimming are the two most recommended to riders.

  • Seek useful health care support and create your own network of sports specialists.

  • Work with instructors that have physical education or human health care training.

  • Fuel your body with good nutrition and hydration for your level of athletic pursuit.

  • Wear support garments to minimize concussion, chaffing and rubbing issues, wick away moisture and maximize comfort.

  • Wear protective headgear.

  • Always check your saddle for balance and fit

female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

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