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Women & Horses by Mary D. Midkiff - horseback riding fitness techniques for women

Women & Horses, knowledge for the female equestrian; female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

Quotable Excerpts from She Flies Without Wings

Please Note: all quotes below are from She Flies Without Wings, by Mary D. Midkiff, now available for purchase on Amazon and bookstores worldwide.

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Women have been riding horses into myth and fable and imagination as long as women have sought to be free. When I greet my horse, when I stroke her warm coat, when I lift myself onto her back, I join not her alone but all the women and all the horses who have run wild together since the dawn of memory, and I am made whole.

Commitment is like gravity: an invisible force that prevents us from floating apart in the open spaces of our lives.

The horse is a catalyst for a woman's creativity because it carries us through the doors that stand between the familiar and the unfamiliar; limitations and freedom; and introduces us to experiences we might otherwise miss.

The horse had carried the girl into danger, as it may carry any of us, but her triumph conquered her fears and gave her courage for the new challenges that lay ahead.

The lady rode despite the risks because it was in her to ride and because riding addressed her deepest yearnings. Riding swept her beyond the walls of the manor and into a greater natural world where she was free of all but the rhythm of the horse's hooves on the earth. Riding carved a time of self-indulgence into her day and gave her an unconditionally loving friend with whom to spend it-her horse.

On a horse, a woman is Frau Gode leading the hunt on her white horse in German fable, the Norse goddess Mani driving her Alsvider across the night with the moon, Velvet streaking across the finish line to victory. On a horse, a woman is reborn as a mounted Valkyrie who until that magical moment lived only in dream. She is a savior riding to set spirits free, her own among them.

When I am with my horse I feel more than analyze; move more than ponder; accept instead of judge.

Women know a better way to claim the bird's freedom. Women ride. Freedom, Epona thought, hungrily. Passionately. Freedom such as the horsemen must know, sitting on those beautiful animals as they run across the . . . what was it called? The Sea of Grass? Imagine a sea of grass. Not sailing ships but galloping horses, and a horizon unlimited by mountain peaks.

female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

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