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Stirrup Position ~ Balanced or Conventional - by Dave Di Pietro. The balanced position enables the stirrup to hang directly under your body while the conventional western position is forward of this position. How do you know which position suits you? It depends on what kind of rider you are and what kind of riding you do.

Rebuilding Rider Confidence Part 1 - A Personal Approach - a general discusson of rider confidence. In the next issue (Part 2) I will describe how I approach the process of regaining rider confidence. In Part 3 I will offer some specific resources to help you create your own personal approach to regaining rider confidence.

Rebuilding Rider Confidence Part 2 - A Plan of Action This article is a follow-up to Part 1 and summarizes how to create a plan of action & offers some useful resources.

Women & Horses 2020 Presentation - A slide presentation by Mary D. Midkiff.

Easing Back In - Horse&Rider September 2013. By Debbie Moors. Returning to riding after a number of years away? These 12 steps will help you get confidently back in step with your horses. Advice from Mary D. Midkiff. Reprinted with permission from Horse&Rider.

An Interview with Mary D. Midkiff - by Class Magazine (Brazil)

Horse & Mulepower Photo Presentation
This is an incredible, and I found stirring, look into horses of the past. Their courage, their tenacity, their patience, their willingness, their strength. I hope you will appreciate their contributions. ~ Mary

Sport of Kings Needs Some Queens
~ by Mary D. Midkiff, Newsday Sunday Edition, June 8, 2008

Protein, Praises and Woes ~ by Gretchen Topel, Equine Nutritional System

Women & Horses Newsletter - Latest Issue

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"The great want in a man's seat is firmness, which would be still more difficult for a woman to acquire if she rode in a cross-saddle, because her thighs are rounder and weaker than those of a man. Discussion of this subject is, therefore, useless. Ladies who ride astride get such bad falls that they soon give up this practice" ~ from Breaking and Riding by James Fillis, 1890


The Woman Rider's Seat ~ by Peter Horobin (Master Saddler), December 2001

Are We Listening to Our Horses ~ Maverick Press, May 2001

Stop: Rethink Bad Behavior ~ Maverick Press, March 2001

Horses Keep Us Healthy ~ Maverick Press, January 2001

A Rider's Success Starts with the Hip Joint ~ Maverick Press, December 2000

We Ask, Horses Give ~ Maverick Press, November 2000

Women & Horses - What's It All About? ~Journal of the AMEA

female equestrian fitness training and riding tips

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