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Women & Horses by Mary D. Midkiff - horseback riding fitness techniques for women

Dynamic Rider System: The Total Exercise & Biomechanical Solution for the Female Equestrian, Intergrating the Pilates Method

Mary D. Midkiff and Maggie Parker Launch Second Installment of
The Dynamic Rider System®
Insert 2: Exercises for Functional Core: A

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Boulder, CO, September 20th, 2006 - Mary D. Midkiff, renowned equestrian, author and founder of Women & Horses™, will add to her exceptional line of products and services for the female equestrian with the launch of the second installment in The Dynamic Rider System (DRS), an innovative and unique Pilates-based program of integrated flexibility, strength and postural position exercises to help female equestrians get the most from the time they spend with their horses. The second part in the DRS series, "Insert 2: Exercises for Functional Core" is now available.

DRS has been developed by Midkiff in collaboration with certified Pilates Method instructor and lifetime horsewoman Maggie Parker. Subscribers of DRS will receive a series of easy-to-use installments detailing body part specific exercises and related riding techniques. Over the course of progressive learning inserts, DRS teaches the female rider - both in and out of the saddle - body movement patterns and awareness, body alignment, breathing with exercise, development of core strength, stability and flexibility of the pelvis and shoulder girdle, spinal rotation, flexion and extension and much more. A unique aspect of this system is that it can improve the rider's physical integration both in riding and in everyday life.

The first installment of The Dynamic Rider System (DRS), entitled "Finding Your Foundation: Insert 1", was launched earlier this year and is currently available for $17.95 plus shipping through The initial package includes an introduction to the DRS and the Pilates Method, a full-color, fold out instructional exercise pamphlet, a biomechanical diagram of the female rider in the saddle, and cover art for a reference binder to store the installments.

Insert 2 transitions from the foundation to the functional core, providing the user with the basics of what a functional core consists of in easy to understand language. The insert comes with simple uncomplicated anatomical illustrations of the abdominal muscles used in riding to help the rider understand their own body better plus a full-color, fold out instructional exercise pamphlet. Insert 2 is available for $13.95 plus shipping and handling. The easy to follow exercises are designed to create more core awareness and strengthen this very important area while also disposing of muscle actions that have been contributing to non-efficient patterns of movement. Click here to order.

"This is a unique program fully integrating the nationally acclaimed Pilates Method with effective riding specifically for women," Midkiff says. "This is a total exercise and biomechanical solution that will enable female equestrians to achieve better form, function and comfort with their horses."

Other W&H products include the books: "Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian" (Macmillan), "She Flies Without Wings: How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul" (Delacourte), and W&H Essential Oils. Electronic photos are available upon request.

About the Authors
Mary D. Midkiff (right) is the founder and creator of the Women & Horses Fitness and Performance Program and the author of She Flies WithoutWings: How Horses Touch a Woman’s Soul (Random House) and Fitness, Performance and the Female Maggie Parker & Mary MidkiffEquestrian (Wiley). She is a Horsemaster® certified by the British Horse Society and the Maryland State Department of Education. Mary is an instructor, clinician and active rider residing in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Maggie Parker (left) is a certified Pilates teacher and former professional dancer with more than 25 years of formal equestrian riding, teaching and training. She brings a unique knowledge of horseback riding, the human body, and the Pilates Method together to help riders increase balance, strength, endurance and flexibility and the communication with their horse. She lives in Austin, Texas, USA.

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