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Client session after first Orthobionomy session

I visited this mare at the beginning of June with complaints she was stiff and weak behind. After one Orthobionomy session of releasing contractions and opening joints she shows a great deal more bounce, flexibility and comfort.



View Mary’s “Aromatherapy for Horses” program with Rick Lamb from RFD-TV.
Mary explains the benefits of using aromatherapy with
horses and demonstrates how to use
The InBalance Horse Essential Oil for Horses.


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Introduction to Pulsating Equine Magnetic Therapy Field Modality

Small coil

Large coil


Meet My Friend Jimmy
A short clip of Jimmy after 30 days training with Mary.

Aromatherapy for Horses.
This is a clip from Mary's DVD The Focused Horse.

Women & Horses Presenation
A slide presentation by Mary D. Midkiff

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