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How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul

by Mary D. Midkiff

To be Published as a Delacorte Press Hardcover on April 17, 2001

Mary D. Midkiff and Theo
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"This is an absolutely beautiful book by a truly gifted story teller. Lyrical and compelling, Midkiff's prose speaks to the depth of a woman's soul. Midkiff truly captures the mystery of women and horses in stories that ring with beauty and spirit. I believe that stories may really be the only way to capture the magic that transpires between women and horses. Everything else, beyond the experience itself, pales in comparison."

-Susan Chernak McElroy, The New York Times bestselling author of Animals as Teachers & Healers

"Mary Midkiff should never ride faster than her Guardian Angel can fly--and apparently she hasn't, hence this delightful book."

-Rita Mae Brown

"A horse is the only animal that literally takes us up off our feet and carries us to places we want
to go while giving us a spiritual boost."


There are more than one million girls and women actively involved in horse-related activities in the U.S. and millions more who dream about horses or long to return to the horse-filled days of their youth. In her new book, SHE FLIES WITHOUT WINGS: How Horses Touch A Woman's Soul, to be published as a Delacorte Press Hardcover on April 17, 2001, Mary D. Midkiff, an internationally recognized horsewoman, examines the profound relationship between women and horses, using her own memoir, other women's experiences, and stories from literature and myth.

Midkiff is passionate about horses. She has lived and breathed horses her entire life. Through her popular fitness program for female riders, Women & Horses™, she has personally experienced a horse's ability to transform the lives of women in powerful ways and she shares what she has felt and learned in SHE FLIES WITHOUT WINGS. She explores how horses and horse imagery can become a vehicle of health, happiness, empowerment and freedom for girls, women, at-risk kids, the disabled and the elderly.

Through women's deeply personal stories, Midkiff reveals how horses enrich women's lives and connect us to nature. "For thousands of years," she says, "the deep kinship between women and horses has connected us to our most intimate feelings of delight, helped us learn to solve problems, and set our creativity free."

From the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer to the compelling fiction of Jane Austen to folktales from around the world, SHE FLIES WITHOUT WINGS draws from great literature and myth to encompass a broad spectrum of beliefs and perspectives.

Filled with the moving lessons of sensuality, commitment, power, nurturance, and spirituality (lessons women riders have known for centuries) and written with a loving hand by an expert equestrian, SHE FLIES WITHOUT WINGS is an eloquent homage to a pairing that enlivened history, inspired literature, and continues to enchant us all.


Mary D. Midkiff founded Equestrian Resources, Inc., a firm that promotes horse activities. She is also the creator of Women and Horses™, a fitness program, and the author of Fitness, Performance, and the Female Equestrian. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

How Horses Touch A Woman's Soul

By Mary D. Midkiff
A Delacorte Press Hardcover
Publication Date: April 17, 2001
0-385-33499-0/$23.95/256 Pages

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She Flies Without Wings by Mary D. Midkiff

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