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Essential Oils for the Horse


Welcome to all horse friends out there! I’m delighted you have made your way here to find out what’s next for Women & Horses!

Mary D. Midkiff Welcomes YouSince 1992, Women & Horses has been focused on education, techniques and equipment for the female equestrian. This purpose has not changed but I have!! As we all get more mature (Ha! OIder) our outlook adjusts to what can work for us and maintain a relationship with horses.

I have always been driven in every way to be with horses but now my mind and body say to me be smart, think twice and be aware. As I’ve gotten into my 60s I have noticed that my reflexes are just a tick slower than they used to be and I’m more concerned about lay-up time, rebounding from injuries and not wanting to get knocked around so much!

My original mission of taking a holistic approach has never waivered and it is still the basis of all of my work. With that as a basic principle I utilize my intuition and feel, observation, years of trial and error and education to provide hands on therapy. Currently I practice aromatherapy with my oil blend, myo-fascial releases, trigger point releases, Orthobionomy practices, massage and stretching. As support the HERO PEMF machine is my go-to for deep tissue healing and cleansing and releasing deep tension. My laser is perfect for trigger point work and for releasing/re-balancing/re-organizing energy I rely on dowsing.

I hope you enjoy and continue to find the Women & Horses products useful and beneficial to you and your horses.

Happy Shopping! and please contact me if you have any questions. I love hearing from you and your horses.

Very best wishes for health and safety to you all.

Mary Midkiff

Mary Midkiffr

What Horse Owners Have to Say

"Mary used acupressure and massage along with her essential oil called The InBalance Horse and within about 20 minutes or so, Jane, my quarter horse mare, was calm and connected with me - it was incredible! That night, when the crowd applauded, she acted like it was old hat, I was so honored that she was so "with me" and I'll be forever thankful to Mary. She truly is amazing and a real fift to the horse world." Templeton Thompson and Jane at Equine Affaire's Mane Event

"After I saw the amazing transformation that you created for Harley in his stall and in the indoor arena I decided to try that for awhile. He has been my best teacher and I can say he has led me to more new things through you." Maureen Duffy and Harley, Chicago, IL

" I wanted Mary specifically because I'd heard through the grapevine about her holistic approach to horses and riding - from equine massage to Pilates for the rider. Mary's approach is so mature and enlightening but equally appropriate for young riders and children. I would even consider getting back into the eventing world with Mary as my trainer!" Lee Mather and B, Boulder, CO

"I noticed a difference in one of my nervous fillies after using Mary's InBalance Horse oils. The filly seemed to settle better into her work which made a difference in her performance." Tim Shuh, Lexington, KY"


Aromatherapy: The InBalance Horse Oil Blend


The InBalance Horse Essential Oil for Horses Only

I continue to make The InBalance Horse oil blend which is designed to calm, release, focus and relax you and your horse. It contains Neroli, Petitgrain, Basil, Sweet Marjoram, Lavender, Sweet Almond Oil and Sesame Oil. I selected this blend through trial and error over time with many horses and finally established the recipe that has been successful for many years now. These natural essential oils are known for their calming and analgesic qualities.

The InBalance Horse oil blend is best used if the nostrils have been cleared of debris, dust and dirt using a damp cloth. Apply a dime sized amount of the oil in your palm and rub your hands together. For the first use, approach your horse’s nostrils with your palms open to let them smell. Slowly rub the corners of the lips on one side in a circular motion releasing endorphins. Then move to the nostril on the same side and gently with your fingertips rub the oil inside the nostril. Be patient with the horse if they are resistive. Do the same with the other side.

Even though we have established a potency level to be effective for the horse you too can use a small drop on your wrist or under your nose to give you the same heavenly feeling!

The InBalance Horse oil blend is also very useful for stallions or hormonal mares. It may not completely override their sexual interest but it will mask the pheromones and shift their focus. Just rub it in the nostrils as instructed above whenever you need their attention.

Horse releasing tension and going into a relaxed state after using the oil blend by Mary Midkiff
This photo shows the horse releasing tension and going into a relaxed state after using the oil blend and/or my orthobionomy therapy.


Orthobionomy for humans and horses was brought to my attention a couple of years ago by like minded horse professionals seeking new ways of helping horses heal, re-balance, integrate their structure with their brain and relieve contraction throughout the body. I will be giving you more information on the application and benefits of Orthobionomy in my newsletters and announcements.

I have been attending clinics and work sessions with Orthobionomy instructor Julie O’Neal, practicing on loads of horses and keeping records to become a practitioner.

Please visit www.orthobionomy.org for additional information.


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Product Information

I have also been using The InBalance Horse at all of my clinics and demonstrations with great success. I have not found one horse yet that did not benefit from the aromatherapy it provides. It is an amazing tool for you to have and your horse will love you for it.

The InBalance Horse oil blend works in many ways. First, the aromatherapy from the oil ingredients filter up through the nasal cavity directly into the brain and begin a positive shift.

Mary Midkiff Orthobionomy

Secondly, the oils work through the skin and into the blood stream bringing herbal healing qualities to all of the body systems.

A third benefit, The InBalance Horse has a natural insecticide in it to help you out in the hot weather months.

And finally, if you find your horse has a swelling or sore spot, rub some of the oil blend on your hands and massage it into the affected area. It immediately starts working in through the skin and into the blood supply to help heal and relieve pain.

The InBalance Horse is beautifully and safely packaged in a purple velvet drawstring pouch with a "ingredients and how to use" card tucked inside.

Essential Oils for the Horse

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