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Mary D. Midkiff Clinic in Sao Paulo, Brazil 2011

Dia de Campo - Agro Maripá: Mary Midkiff


Haras Lagoinha

Marisa Iorio Correa da Costa Women & Horses clinic host and sponsor Haras Lagoinha and Marisa Iorio Correa da Costa

The breeding farm of Haras Lagoinha opened in October 1985. This is just a chronological date because its birth actually took place in the dreams and in the mind of Marisa Iorio Corra da Costa. For many years she had been fascinated by horses and now it was time to make her dreams come true.

Marisa discovered that to have horses and raise them to perfection, the secret is to keep an effective structure, preventive measures, and constant attention and dedication.Today, the Haras Lagoinha is one of the main centers for the breeding of the Mangalarga Paulista and Pampa Brazil. Marisa's program is known for innovation with respect to the inclusion of differentiated Mangalarga coat colours as well as success in horse breeding Pampas (spotted colored horses). To learn more, visit the Haras Lagoinha web site.

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Women & Horses Haras Lagoinha Brazil Clinic Participants, April 2-3, 2011 Clinic organizer Paulo Arantes, Mary, Mangalarga show judge Aracy Oliva and clinic host and sponsor Marisa Iorio Correa Da Costa. Mary works with Mangalarga yearlings and clinic participants in understanding how to calm a nervous horse naturally and safely
Mary demonstrates oppositional energy on a Mangalarga stallion's head between her hands in showing the horse how he can swivel from the poll and become straight through his spine to his head. Mary uses dowsing rods to find negative and harmful energy on a stallion that was having anxiety attacks. Once she finds the negative areas in the horse she meditates and waits for the rods to tell her the area has been cleared and is free and flowing. The food provided for us at the clinic was bountiful and fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, rice and beans and meats. We had so much fun in the evenings as Elias, the farm manager, loved to sing his American karaoke!
Marisa with two of her prized Mangalarga Paulista yearling colts. Clinic participants look out over Haras Lagoinha and the main arena where the show horses were being exhibited for our clinic. Mary rides a beautiful Mangalarga Paulista white mare.
Mary has the joy of riding Village, the number one champion Mangalarga Paulista stallion in Brazil in 2010
Village shows why hes the best What a joy Village is to ride in every gait!
Mary with Paulo Arantes, and owner/breeder Marcelo Baptista de Oliveira and his wife Sophia of Haras Maripa with several of their Mangalarga Marchardo foundation mares Marcelo and Sophia de Oliveira with one of their prized Haras Maripa two year olds.
Mary stretches Carioca's legs before she tries him out. He's a young horse with tremendous potential in the show ring, as a trail and ranch horse and as a top breeding stallion. Mary shows everyone how the Synergist Saddle made for women works for her and the horse  Serge, the head trainer at Haras Maripa, rides beautiful four year old stallion Carioca. Note the vaquero style of riding with the hands and legs pushed out in front of the body and seat. Women please do not try this at home! It won't work for you!
Mary rides stallion Carioca searching for that perfect feel of rhythm and comfort that the Mangalarga Marchardo offers. Sophia shows how much she loves her horse and her little Jack Russell terrier makes sure she gets in the photo too! All the horses get chopped up sugar cane from their plantation as a treat. Humans love it too!
  Mary is interviewed by Chris Morais from www.camerahipismo.com.br. Go to this website to view Mary's interview in Brazil at Haras Maripa.  
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