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Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

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Dear Friends,

I have diligently been teaching Equine Rehabilitation and Therapy at Midway University over the past four years, learning about so many ways we can aid and assist horses, animals and humans with hands-on therapies and technologically driven modalities.

I’ve missed connecting with all of you horse people out there as often as I used to through Women & Horses. My new website, MaryMidkiff4Horses, is coming soon.

We will be launching this new website soon and will send out a notice to everyone about the release date around September 1 or sooner!

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A New Endeavor - the HERO PEMF

Magnus Magnetica HERO logo

In the meantime, I am excited to tell you about my new endeavor which includes a PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) device called the “HERO” manufactured by Magnus Magnetica. The HERO is now in its final stages of development to be launched and you will be one of the first to find out about it!

I have been using many types of hands-on therapies for many years as most of you know. Myo-fascial release, acupressure, Orthobionomy, massage as well as stretches for horses have been a part of my daily healing practices.

I continue and always will utilize my hands and my feel first; in evaluations and assessments as well as in healing practices.

Low Level Laser Light has also been a tremendous help to me in giving horses relief in trigger points. And to balance energy that is disturbed I incorporate dowsing too.


Magnetic Disc in use on horse
Mary Midkiff using the Magnus Magnetica HERO PEMF machine

Throughout my years at Midway University I have had the privilege to use a Magnus Magnetica PEMF machine on the school horses. I learned a great deal and saw so many beneficial applications and transformations.

The students and staff love using it too. It is the deepest cellular modulating therapy device on the market today providing the best efficacy for horses.

The barrier has always been financial for me to own my own machine; they typically run over $10,000. But now we have the HERO! It is affordable, portable and compact. Applications can be targeted in hard-to-reach areas on the horse with results in as little as 10 minutes per application. It is easy to work with in and out of the stall, and lightweight! It is truly a ground-breaking device now being introduced into the animal and human healing world.


My Experience and Observations

Magnetic Disc in use on horse
Magnus Magnetica HERO PEMF therapy device in use

I have been using my own HERO experimentally for 5 months now with excellent results. I am using it on Thoroughbred racehorses for sore backs, tight shoulders, thoracic sling balancing, tight tissue from surgeries and castration sites, sore feet/stone bruising, tension in the poll and on and on!

I am also using it once per week on a barn cat who demands my attention whenever I am there! He has three legs and has some neuropathy from the amputation and from the stress of always putting pressure on his one hind leg.

Now his back is straighter, he moves straighter through his body, he is relieved and becomes energetic after some applications and goes right to sleep after others. He is no longer having to take his neurological medications!

One other case I have worked with is an older friend who has chronic plantar fasciitis in both feet. He wants to work an 8-hour day on his feet but he only feels comfortable for a couple of hours. I had him sit with the Mag Disc attachment under his feet for 20 minutes on each foot and he was able to work a whole shift without remembering he had foot pain! And even a week later he is still going strong.

I cannot wait to continue using the HERO and recording findings as I go along. I use it on myself too which is an extra bonus of having this handy device!


More To Come

So stay tuned for the new website announcement. I’ll make sure you hear about it right away.

If you would like to learn more about PEMF go to Magnusmagnetica.com for now.

Thank you all for being interested and committed to you and your animal’s well-being. I look forward to hearing from you and interacting with you again soon!


Mary Midkiff

Mary Midkiffr

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