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Winter 2018 - Sparkling Blue Holidays - Winter Reminders

April 2017 - April Special on InBalance Horse Oil Bland - Spring Grass Means Gas - Your Spring Prep List

November-December 2016 - Holiday wishes from Mary - A letter from a cowboy - an idea for the new year

June 2015 - Minimally Invasive Injury Treatments - Tip of the Month: Prepare Against Uveitis - Take the Emotional Stress Out of Your Horse's Life!

May 2015 - Preparation for the Active Season Ahead: Part 2, Tip of the Month: Lush Grass Alert; Clinics by Mary Midkiff

March 2015 - Ulcers: Signs and Solutions - Tip of the Month: Light Changes, Mares Cycle

January 2015 - Happy New Year, Greetings from Mary Midkiff - Unlock Horse Mysteries Starting with the Head - Tip of the Month: Watch out for Dehydration in Winter.

March 2014 - About the International Society of Rider Biomechanics - Behavior Problems Can Orignate from Intestinal Discomfort - My new training horses: Dynazar, General Quickie and Son of a Sailor - Tip of the Month: Compression Socks and Magnet Blankets.

October 2013 - Photo from Brazil - Stirrup Position - Letters from You

August 2013 - Rebuilding Rider Confidence: Part 2 - How to create a personalized plan to rebuild rider confidence, with some useful resources.

July 2013 - Rebuilding Rider Confidence - A Personal Approach: Part 1 - a general discusson of rider confidence. In the next issue (Part 2) I will describe how I approach the process of regaining rider confidence. In Part 3 I will offer some specific resources to help you create your own personal approach to regaining rider confidence.

April 2013 - Topics include: Women & Horses Continues Through Kentucky Derby Season on HRTV - Helpful Tip: It's Shedding Time Again! - Posture for Horses - Letters from You and Your Horses.

March 2013 - Topics include: Women & Horses Premiers on HRTV - Help Your Horse Focus - Meet the Mangalarga Paulista from Brazil

January 2013 - Article Reprint - "Easing Back In" - Mary Midkiff was interviewed by Debbie Moors of Horse&Rider Magazine. The article contains tips by Mary for those returning to riding after a lengthy break.

October 2012 - Interview Reprint - "An Interview with Mary D. Midkiff" (translation from the Brazilian magazine Class

Summer 2012 - Topics include: Aging Can Bring Freedom - Tip of the Season: Salts for Horses - Letters from You: Experiences with The InBalance Horse oil blend - Summer Benefits of The InBalance Horse oil blend

March/April 2012 - Topics include: Natural Reaction - Spring Benefits from Using InBalance Horse Essential Oil Blend - Upcoming Radio Show Interview with Mary Midkiff - Tip of the Month: Managing Glands in Springtime - Swift Taylor Runs Her First Race (and photos) - Letters from You: Experiences with The InBalance Horse oil blend - My Friend Jimmy is Developing Nicely as an Athlete (with latest photos)

January 2012 Topics include: Goals for 2012 - A Special March Ride in Brazil (Please join us!) - Tip of the Month: Look Your Horse In The Eye - Meet My Friend Jimmy - New Video - Letters from You: Experiences with The InBalance Horse oil blend

December 2011 - Topics include: Special Holiday Offer - Tip of the Month: Use magnet therapy before you ride - Swift Taylor Heads to Florida (and new photos) - Letters from You: Using the InBalance Horse oil blend

August/September 2011 - Topics include: Break from the Heat (News) - Riding Tour in Brazil - Festival of the Brazilian Horse 2012 - Tip of the Month: Iodine Can Help Your Horse Through Allergy Season - Swift Taylor Goes to the Track (with Latest Photos) - Are You Aware of Life Force Energy?

June/July 2011 - Topics include: Special Bond with Horses is Unconditional - Tip of the Month: Mineral Deficiencies Can Be at the Bottom of Many Issues - Update on Rita: Swift Taylor Takes a Big Step

May 2011 - Topics include: The Horses and Hope Project - Tip of the Month: Shoulder Season Means Extra Balancing - Update on Rita

April 2011 - Topics include: Women & Horses Loves Brazil - Tip of the Month: Natural Chemical Interation from You - Riding Miss Rita

February 2011 - Turning Darkness Into Light - Tip of the Month: Correct and Let Go - Driving Miss Rita - The Focused Horse DVD - The InBalance Horse Oil Blend

January 2011 - Tip of the Month: Check for Erupting and Changing Teeth- Update on Rita - The Focused Horse Demonstrations at WEG: Day 2

November 2010 - Rita at 19 Months - The Focused Horse Demonstrations at WEG: Day 1 - New DVD by Mary D. Midkiff - Favorite Web Links

World Equestrian Games - Saddle Testimonial - Join Mary in Brazil - Introducing Rita - Pick Up on What Horses are Sensing

Balancing the World of the Confined Horse: Part Two "A Holistic Approach: Minimize the Constraints"

Balancing the World of the Confined Horse: Part One "Shifting the Emotions by Accessing the Nervous System"

Give Our Youngsters A Solid Foundation

Allow Horses to Ask

Horse Confinement: You Can Supply What's Missing

Horses and Fireworks & a Question from Tasmania

Being Prepared for Summertime Injuries and Emergencies

Peaceful Intention

What You Can Give to Your Horse that Will Make a Difference

Connecting with Horses Through a Line

Get to Know Your Horse and Yourself

Fitness For You and Your Horse: The Foundation For all Horse Activities

Steps to Calming the Anxious Horse

Jaw, Poll and Neck Tension

Eyesight Issues Can Be Confused with Behavioral Problems

Intentions Make a Difference

A Healing Summer for Me and My Horse

Give Your Horse a Mind Expanding Experience; Bates stirrup leathers

Back in the Bluegrass

Make the Best of These Quiet Months

Finding a Healthy Balance of Air, Space and Light: You Choose for Your Horse

What's Missing is the Middle & DRS2

Turning Bad Days into Good Ones

Systems and Individuals; How to Ask a Horse to Canter

Finding Your Foundation (DRS1); Robart Pinchless Snaffle

Announcing the Dynamic Rider System®; Horses Lack Vision in Indoor Spaces; Just a Horse

Timing and Rate of Skeletal Maturation in Horses by Deb Bennett, PhD.

A Reflection on What Matters - the bond between horses and people.

Revisiting the Importance of the Horse's Nervous System in Training: Questionnaire; New Book Coming Soon

How to Create a Special Bond with a Horse; New Products Coming Soon

Ride and Train from the Inside Out; Essential Oils for Horse and Rider now available

Slow the World Down and Process; new article on site; suggested web sites; new products coming soon

Questions of the Month; Joint Injections; We All Have Bad Days; new products

Understanding Conditioning as You Prepare to Use Your Horse More Actively

Primarily, Resort to the Inside of the Horse

Riding Longer and Better with Pilates by guest author Maggie Parker

Saddle Fit for Everyone

News from RFD-TV; Handling Horses Through Body and Mind Awareness

Tips for Selling Your Horse

Considerations for Buying a Horse

Spring Tips for Horse Lovers

January/February 2004

All-Discipline Riding for a Lifetime

Access the Nervous System through Acupressure

When the Elements Come Together, Growth and Soundness Result

Horse Protection for the New Year

Re-Thinking Posture (Part Two of Two)

It's Horse Show Season - Are You and Your Horse Ready to Compete?

Re-Thinking Posture (Part One of Two)

A Learning Experience Involving Saddle Fit

My Holiday Gift for Your Partnership Toolbox

Some News about My Horses

Working Through the Tragedies

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