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The Women & Horses Newsletter - December 2009

Allow Horses to Ask
by Mary D. Midkiff

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I just returned from speaking at the Equestrian Lifestyle Expo and Holiday Market in Chicago. This was a relatively new experimental event to serve the horse communities in the region. It is a growing event organized by the talented Joy Meierhans. I have known Joy since my years with the American Horse Council in the late 1980s. She continues to amaze me at her exceptional organizational and people management skills. Everyone is happy to work with and for Joy to make many horse events happen.

Joy is enthusiastic about what horses bring to people and what is possible with horses. I want to commend her for all of her work over the years including the hugely successful Illinois Horse Fair and the new Lifestyle Expo.

I too am grateful for and watchful of what horses bring to people and what is possible with them. During this holiday season seek your horse for calm, peace and meditative time. Even if you have a busy agenda and schedule allow the horse to really be with you and bring you into a natural state of awareness.

When you are with your horse allow him or her to ask for something without your interference. Your horse may move into you a certain way asking you to scratch or rub a certain spot for them, they may lower their head for you to scratch between their ears or stroke their ears, they may stand quietly hoping you will rub their withers and lower their blood pressure like their buddies do in the pasture, they may want you to rub on the inside of their knees where there are emotional release acupressure points, they may want you to check their feet because they have a tiny rock that doesn’t feel good.

Notice what they are asking for when you are with them. This kind of relationship is what they are looking for from their human partner.

If you are around a damaged or project horse you really need to become skillful at listening to what they are saying, what they are asking for and not punish them for speaking out! Of course be safe and very grounded and clear within yourself. Many of these horses are in pain, angry, resentful toward humans, aggressive and looking for an outlet, others are completely shut down, listless, depressed, dull and do not want to speak or express themselves. These horses are special cases for you and a professional to work with. Allow them to express themselves without any violence from you, correct and then move on or leave their space. These tactics are more effective than chains, twitches, drugs or whips. You will be using The InBalance Horse Oil Blend, Rescue Remedy, Bach Flower Remedies and body work instead.

Remember that when you take on a damaged or difficult horse there is probably a history that goes with it. You have to be willing to undo the past, take them back to ground zero mentally and emotionally, heal their pain, and give them nutrition, a healthy environment, regular physical upkeep on their teeth, feet and worming and make sure they have other horses around or nearby where they can see them. Also remember, the lifeless starved horses will become very different once they have good health and fitness. They will be feeling exuberant and full of energy. Now this will be the time to start your education and working with them on the ground and eventually under saddle.

Listen to horses, when they are clear in their thinking, comfortable in their body and happy with their environment there is no better sound!

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I am preparing all of the information for my participation as a presenter at the World Equestrian Games 2010 and will have that ready for you in January.

Tickets to the WEG 2010 go on sale September 25, 2009. I hope to see all of you there. Watch my website and go to www.feigames2010.org for more information.

Happy Holidays to you and your horses. I hope to see all of you in the New Year!

Mary D. Midkiff

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