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Saddles Made for Female Riders

Mary & Redge with their new Synergist Western Trail Saddle
Mary & Redge with their new Synergist Western Trail Saddle

Synergist Saddles - English, Western, Trail and Endurance Saddles made for the female biomechanics.

Synergist Saddles: English, Western, Trail & Endurance Saddles for Female RidersA word from Mary: "I have been looking for a saddle maker that is aware of the gender differences in saddle fit and finally this one is for the girls!!!"

Synergist specifically shapes the tree of the saddle to fit the female pelvis/hip/leg alignment which is absolutely key to the balance, comfort and efficiency of the female rider. The stirrup bar placement is set further back to provide the correct balanced alignment for the female biomechanics and the seat of the saddle has comfort padding. For the horse, Synergist always flares the panels for clearance and extra room in the shoulder and wither area. I could go on and on recommending the western, endurance and English versions of their saddles but instead just sign up for the free DVD and see for yourself. This will be the last saddle you will ever buy for your horse and you will want to ride more often rather than thinking twice if it's going to be another painful experience!

I have been working with Synergist saddlemakers CJ and Dave DiPietra for many years and continue to support the amazingly comfortable and effective performance saddles they custom make.

I recieve many letters and emails from women praising Synergist Saddles. Here is a sample:

"I purchased a Synergist saddle about 5 years ago after I found that the Tucker I had was not fitting right and subsequently causing terrible pain to my horse, a 6-year-old Azteca Gelding with big shoulders and a short back. He kept trying to tell me by looking at his sides and ultimately the last straw was trying to bite me when I went to put the saddle on (please don't ignore those signals and if in doubt call in a professional saddle fitter to rule out any saddle fit problems)."

"I knew I wanted an endurance style trail saddle, and I also wanted a saddle that could be adjusted as his back changed. Good workmanship, comfort and light in weight was also important. Five years later I can honestly say my gelding and I still love this saddle. I may have had the design changed slightly though and gone with a slightly higher back or cantle but still love it just as it is. I have had the tree adjusted as his back has changed and I have also had the tree shortened to > accommodate an additional fitting issue by simply remolding my Equimeasure form and shipping it up to Cheyenne."

"Thanks Synergist from Linda and Abanico." ~ Linda P.

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"After being bucked off my horse over two years ago, I began having fear issues of riding my quarterhorse, Spear, and asked Mary to help us work through this. With her unique approach using mouth massage with her special oil, body massage, halter work, etc, both Spear and I began to calm down and trust each other. We discovered that Spear had been "cowboyed" prior to coming to me which caused him to be an "overachiever" and difficult to control. Thanks to Mary for helping us earn each other's trust."

"Mary also gave a saddle fit demonstration which was an awakening for me! I had been searching for a saddle for some time, but with literally thousands of saddles out there, I was having a difficult time finding a saddle that fit my horse and me. When Mary showed me how anatomically different women are from men and how most saddles are made for men, I was introduced to Synergist Sadldles. Just sitting in Mary's saddle and feeling my "seat bones" for the first time, I found the saddle I was looking for. It not only fits my horse like a glove (thanks to Synergist's Equifit kit) but also fits me. We finally have a saddle that makes my horse and me happy, thanks to Mary." ~ Mary C.

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