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Essential Oils for Horses | The Focused Horse DVD

Women & Horses DVD: The Focused Horse

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View Mary’s “Aromatherapy for Horses” program
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Find out how to use essential oils with your horse.
Essential Oil for Horses: InBalance Horse Only

The Focused Horse: Maximizing Training, Performance and Enjoyment with Your Horse

By Mary D. Midkiff

26 minute DVD, Clear plastic case.

$10.00 ea. plus Shipping & Handling

Join Mary in this insightful approach to calming and settling horses naturally.

This DVD will teach you step by step how to use The InBalance Horse essential oil blend for horses to bring your horse into focus with you anytime, anywhere under any circumstance.

Mary has provided the five initial steps to focus you and your horse in this educational DVD. Once your horse receives these gifts from you and learns you have the ability to actually shift his nervous system and calm him or her, your horse will learn how to release themselves and come back to you quickly. Your horse will see you as the partner that has good chemical feelings to offer and will love being in your presence.

The Five Steps Include:

  1. Focus Yourself
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Mouth Massage
  4. Acupressure
  5. Saddle Fit
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