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The Women & Horses Newsletter - August 2010

Topics: World Equestrian Games 2010 - Saddle Testimonial -
Come to Brazil with Mary - Introducing Rita -
Pick Up on What Horses are Sensing

by Mary D. Midkiff

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Mary & Redge
Mary & Redge

I'm off to the World Equestrian Games and Brazil!

Thank you for joining me in my communications with horse people from all over the world! We all love horses, we have that beautiful passion together and we also have in common that we are human beings. My Women & Horses newsletter covers topics related to horses, all things equine and the people that surround them. There's so much that horses can teach us, so much horses have to say, so much horses provide in our lives; a journey with horses is truly unlimited.

From newsletter to newsletter I provide insights, observations, questions and solutions to numerous inquiries around horses and the world they live in. I also provide useful resources, web links, experts, books and articles that I feel might be helpful to all horse interests. The Women & Horses newsletter stands for all horse and pony breeds as well as donkeys and mules, all disciplines and uses of the horse and wild horses. Past newsletters have been archived on the website for you to check out anytime and I'm always open to receiving your inquiries via email.

I will practically be living at my Women & Horses booth at the World Equestrian Games starting September 25 and concluding on October 10. My demonstrations and lectures all take place on October 7, 8 and 9 with an additional lecture on the 10th. Please stop by! Equine Village Booth #41.

From there I venture to Sao Paulo, Brazil, leaving October 14 for 6 days providing a weekend W&H clinic and promoting She Flies Without Wings: How Horses Touch a Woman's Soul translated into Portuguese. Don't worry I'll have a translator with me 24/7. Come on down to Brazil. See my calendar for all the information.

World Equestrian Games, Kentucky 2010

What's Up With Mary?
At the 2010 World Equestrian Games

Less than 30 Days Away!

We are very close to actually living the dream of the World Equestrian Games here in Kentucky. I will be set up for the two weeks in the Equine Village Booth #41 located just outside the exit from the International Museum of the Horse. My booth is referred to as "Women & Horses" with friends helping me manage the booth plus the Kentucky Equine Education Project volunteers. (Go to www.horseswork.com to learn more about KEEP). I serve on KEEP's grassroots committee and I'm delighted to have them sharing the booth and to be supporting their efforts.

My demonstrations titled "The Focused Horse" will take place in the Equine Village's Clinician's Corral as follows:

  • October 7 - 6:30 p.m. (30 minute demo)
  • October 8 - Noon (30 minute demo)
  • October 9 - 6:30 p.m. (30 minute demo)

Lectures will take place in the Visitor's Center Auditorium as follows:

  • October 7 - 12:30-1:30 "Saddles For Women: Comfort and Focus for Rider and Horse"
  • October 8 - 2:00-3:00 "A Woman's Approach to Riding Effectively"
  • October 9 - 11:00-12:00 "Tapping Into the Magic Between Women and Horses"
  • October 10 - 12:00-1:00 "Creating Focus and Concentration Between Women and Horses"

The Maker's Mark Secretariat Center's Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation has donated horses for my demonstrations. A big thank you to Susanna Thomas and her staff for supporting me with their amazing horses.

Stay tuned to the WEG website feigames2010.org for the latest in updated information on tickets, admission and parking. It's a huge worldwide event and the staff is working 24/7 to have it flow as smoothly as possible.

Security will be very tight as this event is controlled by Homeland Security. Expect to be inspected and make sure you check out the website for any updates.

I hope all of you will stop by the booth, introduce yourself and do not hesitate to ask questions and pick up one of the new 1 oz. bottles of The InBalance Horse essential oil blend!

See you there.

Synergist Saddles Testimonial

I recently received this email:

Synergist Saddles for Women "I purchased a Synergist saddle about 5 years ago, after I found that the Tucker I had was not fitting right and subsequently causing terrible pain to my horse - a 6-year-old Azteca Gelding with big shoulders and a short back. He kept trying to tell me by looking at his sides and ultimately the last straw was trying to bite me when I went to put the saddle on (please don't ignore those signals and if in doubt call in a professional saddle fitter to rule out any saddle fit problems).

I knew I wanted an endurance style trail saddle, and I also wanted a saddle that could be adjusted as his back changed. Mary had worked with me and Nico and recommended I look into a Synergist. Good workmanship, comfort and light in weight was also important. Five years later I can honestly say my gelding and I still love this saddle. I may have had the design changed slightly though and gone with a slightly higher back or cantle but still love it just as it is. I have had the tree adjusted as his back has changed and I have also had the tree shortened to accommodate an additional fitting issue by simply remolding my Equimeasure form and shipping it up to Cheyenne.

Thanks Synergist from Linda and Abanico.

[Click here to learn more about Synergist Saddles.]

Come to Brazil with Mary!

October 16-17, 2010
* Women & Horses Clinic *

The first of its kind in Sao Paulo, Brazil Clinica Internacional Women & Horses with Mary Midkiff, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Translation between English and Portuguese will be provided.

Mulheres e Cavalos - Como os cavalos tocam a alma das mulheres com Mary Midkiff

Contact: www.equusbrasil.com.br
Data: 16 e 17 de outubro, 2010
Local: Helvetia Riding Center - Indaiatuba - SP
Informações: info@equusbrasil.com.br

Introducing Rita

Rita's first dayRita (as I am calling her now until she gets her official name) is a yearling Thoroughbred filly who has come to me to be prepared, trained and managed toward a performance career. She is by Andromeda's Hero (by Fusaichi Pegasus) out of Blondzaway (by Skip Away). She is bred to race.

Rita's owners were told by her breeding farm's managers that she was "different." She was said to be wary of people, standoffish, suspicious, spooky, very hard to catch even in the stall and when confined, out and out crazy with panic. She was not going to work with any type of "traditional" approach to training her.

Her owners and I are good friends and they have entrusted me with Rita's future. I am honored to have this opportunity and so grateful to them for having faith in my abilities. I have had Rita now for one month and we have become very close.

Her program includes 8 hours of private turn out and the rest in her stall which is large, well ventilated with a fan and all the high quality hay and deep-mined salt rock she can eat. She is no longer discontent or upset about being in a stall, in fact she is really enjoying her pampered life now. She gets 100% certified organic feed, organic supplements, lab testing for parasites, saliva testing for internal systems and organ health, remedies to detox and clean her internally, hoof trimming, and regular aromatherapy, handling and body work. I have had her adjusted by a chiropractor once which seemed to give her another level of peace within herself.

She has already shifted a great deal. She asks to be caught, enjoys walking around the farm with me, being sponged when it's hot and we look forward to seeing each other every day. She nickers to me quite a bit. She ties nicely and is very smart when she finds herself with a question. I am keeping a journal on her and will keep you up to date as she grows and matures through my holistic program.

Stay tuned...

Pick Up on What Horses are Sensing

I promised this issue I would focus on my energy work with horses. I could and may write an entire book on this subject, it continues to be a fascinating journey. It may be a little bit "out there" for some of you, but just hang in there and consider it is possible.

Little did I know when I bought my horse Redge 7 years ago that he would teach me so much in the metaphysical world. I won't go into the whole story but he had loads of problems. He would be very high or very low, dull or hyper sensitive, absent mentally and shocking to the touch. I found out through an astute horse communicator and energy worker that he was a magnet for negative and harmful energy. Like the kid in the movie "The Sixth Sense" - Redge senses things way beyond humans and many horses. Through Redge's journey I have come to appreciate how integral balanced energy is to a horse (and to people).

Today, I can walk him around the farm and he will tell me where the negative energy cells are by looking at them, arching his neck and snorting. If they are weak cells he will easily walk on by but if they are strong he may refuse to go near them or go near them very gingerly with my encouragement. He has become healthy and confident enough to show me and allow me to clear him and/or the area with dowsing.

After I clear/dowse the area, I can walk him back by it and he won't blink an eye. This clearing can last many weeks or months. Horses will let you know when the energy has shifted and become negative. He will let me know when it's time to clear it again. Maybe you have met or you own a horse that is equally as sensitive and you haven't even considered it.

There are many, many signs that a horse is harboring or hanging on to negative energy. They may refuse to go near or by an object they have seen many times before. They stand in their stall with their head held high and the whites of their eyes showing, or their head hanging way lower than normal like something heavy is sitting on their poll, their front legs are weak and wobbly, they stop going near a certain place in their stall or pasture or arena. It truly is amazing when I dowse a horse and clear all of these cells how relieved they are. They shake all over, let out a deep breath, release gas, urinate, poop, stretch, yawn, chew and lick and just get back to normal living.

Horses try to tell us about what they see, feel, hear and smell all the time but have you considered they also try to tell us what they are sensing? They are much more deeply in tuned with energy shifts that we live with every day and seemingly have little or no awareness of.

Every living thing on the planet has a vibrational energy pattern.

Whether it's vibrational energy, magnetic energy, atmospheric energy, paranormal energy, metaphysical energy, environmental energy, or some form of energy from the past, horses pick up on its presence and may even be the host of these negative parasitic forms of energy.

Over a year ago I heard about Bill Northern (www.billnorthern.com)and his ability in dowsing and communicating with animals. I was intrigued with his specialty and asked a mutual friend to introduce me. Bill and I got together over lunch and I listened and Bill talked about his world travels to check out horses, energy shifts, communication with animals. He shared numerous stories of detecting issues and injuries with horses that no one else was able to diagnose. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more from this master. Thankfully he invited me to one of his clinics and I spent 8 hours learning the art of dowsing.

Look up the art of dowsing (www.dowsing.com; www.dowsers.org; www.diviningmind.com) and how to use dowsing rods on the web. There are hundreds of websites and thousands of opinions. Go with your intuition, always allow your intuition to lead you.

One morning this Summer while I was grooming my horse a trainer stopped by and said her client's horse was not eating her breakfast and she was going to call the vet. I asked her if I could have a look at her and try dowsing before she made the call. She agreed.

I went in the stall and saw the mare standing, one leg cocked with her head low. I listened for gut sounds and didn't hear much. I started dowsing and asked the rods to locate any blockages of energy which they did right away. The rods showed a variety of blockages some weak and some powerful. I was able to locate and disperse each blockage and asked the rods to move the energy out of the mare.

The mare passed gas several times and gut sounds became loud and clear. I continued dowsing her until I felt the rods get very light. I then asked the rods if she was open and clear and they opened up wide which indicated a positive healthy space.

I put her grain in my hand and offered it to her and she began eating out of my hand. Once she had gotten her appetite back I showed her her feed tub and she ate all of her breakfast and was settled again.

I'm not saying dowsing prevents colic but I am saying it's a great tool that can be used in many ways to help the horse help themselves.

Check it out...More stories next time. Happy Riding!


Mary D. Midkiff

Mary D. Midkiff
Equestrian Resources, Inc.

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